The Renée and Lester Crown Speaker Series: Authors Tova Mirvis and Abigail Pogrebin

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The Renée and Lester Crown Speaker Series


Life, Love and Judaism: A Conversation about Writing and Spirituality
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Tova Mirvis and Abigail Pogrebin


Free and Open to the Public - not tickets necessary


TOVA MIRVIS is the author of three novels, Visible City, The Outside World and The Ladies Auxiliary, which was a national bestseller. Her new publication, the memoir, The Book of Separation, chronicles her journey away from both Orthodox Judaism and her marriage to make a new life in the secular world. Her essays have appeared in various anthologies and newspapers including The New York Times Book Review, The Boston Globe Magazine, Commentary, Good Housekeeping, and Poets and Writers, and her fiction has been broadcast on National Public Radio.


ABIGAIL POGREBIN is the author of the My Jewish Year: 18 Holidays; One Wondering Jew – a much-expanded chronicle of her popular column for the Forward, for which she spent 12 months researching and observing every holiday in the Jewish calendar. Pogrebin is also the author of Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk about Being Jewish and One and the Same, which delved into every aspect of growing up as a twin (she’s an identical). Abigail was formerly a broadcast producer for Fred Friendly, Charlie Rose and Bill Moyers at PBS, then for Ed Bradley and Mike Wallace at 60 Minutes.